Grey Forest Open Studios

​     Jan Ayers                       Ceramic/Porcelain Vessels, Water colors

     Roderick Glen Ayers       Paper collage Plaques, toy spaceships

     George Blucker               Neo-Dada and Surrealism; Mixed-media, paintings and constructions

​     Natalie 'Tita' Bowman     Mosaics, Reliquaries/Nature Boxes, Botanical Boiled Papers, Antique    
                                           Fabric Market Bags and Note Cards 

​     Susan Calkins                 Industrial Metal & Glass, Stone Sculptures

​     Don Darst                       Original oil paintings, landscapes, still lifes, framed and                 
                                           unframed.  Limited edition reproductions

​     James Wyatt Hendricks   Paintings/Prints, Stone, Steel, Bronze Sculptures

     Roger Howard                 Roger Howard Fine Art

     Annie McEntire                Nature & Wildlife Photography

​     Jennifer 'Jen' Nottingham  Landscapes and abstract in oils

     Helen Silantien               Modern Henning; Perspectives~Nest in the Balance. 

     Kent Slayton                   Organic, Stone Sculptors and Notecards

     Debbie Wright Swisher     2021 Un-'Official' Grey Forest Calendar of Grey Forest Imagery,            
                                            also Original Paintings, Notecards, Tote Bags

     Dar Verkaik                     Hill Top Fine Art Studio